Jm and Rhenda sitting next to a stream in Oregon

Patience is a Virtue we Continue to Cultivate

Patience is the key word

We have never had patience. We have always been spontaneous. We are working very hard to do this move right. Like we said yesterday, we sat on this decision for a month, not wanting to even address it. Now, it is harder. We are getting items sold. The chickens are sold. The daily chores are minimal. We are taking down our chicken coop that we built when we first moved here, carefully stacking the wood to take it with us and build it again. We still have not had rain so the yard does not need mowed, on the contrary, it is so dormant, it looks dead. We feel dormant and are striving not to feel dead as most of our purpose has changed on the land. We wait.

Family comes to visit to help with our patience.

We took a trip to Colorado for a week and that trip was planned long before we knew we were moving. We looked for land and tried to figure out what we will be doing. When we got back to Oregon, we have two sets of family coming for a visit to remember our son and brother who died last year. The guys also went out on Newport Bay for crabbing.  We went to see Koosah and Sahalie Falls. (See the picture.) Now that this time with family is over, our waiting ends and our work to move really begins. We were going to have a month before we could move but we are lousy at waiting, so with a change of plans we hope to be gone by the end of September. So perhaps our lack of patience won out slightly. Subscribe to our You Tube Channel and follow our daily antics. Heartiness Approach YouTube Channel

Jim and Rhenda at Koosah Falls

Visiting Family and Homesteading Conference

With the animals gone, we are able to take some time before we buy and actually move into a new place. We do have the ever faithful small white fuzzy thing that seems to photo bomb most of our videos. Oliver goes with us. He is concerned however, knowing the chickens are gone and the furniture is disappearing. We know he knows. He can tell when we are putting on our jeans knowing it is a stay-home day with him. When he sees us put on our Sunday clothes, he knows he will spend much of the day by himself, so goes and curls up in the corner.

We are taking the opportunity to fly back east for two weeks and Oliver will stay with our daughter. We are going to the Homesteading Conference of America and stay with family back there enjoying the beauty of fall in the East. Then we will stay with other family members visiting until the end of November. More waiting but it will be done in a creative way. Jim has the ability to work where ever we are at since his work is done online.

The Power of Patience

We have noticed, we are much better at waiting than we used to be. We were only engaged for one week before we moved our wedding up to the end of the week making us engaged for a whopping two weeks. We have moved a gazillion times, but we feel power in our purpose, strength in our waiting and success with our patience. Good things come to those who wait.