Change Your Emphasis – Act Now

Changing the Emphasis in Our Life to Sustainable

It is impossible to experience #SustainableLivingInPlace if your living situation is not financially sustainable. Finding the correct living situation is imperative in order to accomplish sustainability. Creativity may be the key to obtaining this goal.

Stepping into a new Journey of Sustainable Living

For the last two years we placed ourselves in a small community and proceeded to build a homestead on rented land. We succeeded.Jim and the Turkeys - systainable  We had a beautiful garden, a beautiful flock of chickens, raised our own chicken and turkey meat and loved every minute of it. We especially found support through our YouTube Homesteading channel community. When we asked our landlord if we could bring in different types of animals, (pig and cow) we were told “no” and he raised the rent significantly and let us know he could raise it higher. This was a great disappointment to us and we literally sat on that news for about a month before we looked at each other and realized we had a decision to make. We discovered that renting is not sustainable. With the housing market booming we realized we needed to buy our own land and build our own homestead. However, we were too late to do it in Oregon or Washington where our son has moved his family. Californian residents moving to the northwest pushed the prices so high we could no longer buy here.

When We Grow Up We Will Have A Sustainable Homestead

Therefore, we once again remove our roots from the ground and replace them with wheels to take us back home to Colorado where we left six years ago. One thing is for certain. We want land. We need to homestead. It is in our blood and in our heart and soul. There is no other option. It feels as if we finally decided what we want to be when we grow up. We want to provide our own food, raise our own meat, make our own butter and cheese, feel the accomplishment of living a sustainable life.


Jim and Rhenda Engagement Prior to being sustainable


Living our Lives in the Healthiest Way Possible

Perhaps others will criticize us, stating we are too old to embark on such a journey. On the contrary. Our goal is to show others that to obtain #SustainableLivingInPlace is the only way to have a healthy environment and good health. We can no longer be content to shop at the store for our food, buying whatever is available and join the norm who think that aging is what you do and illness is what comes as you age. We are not trying to be teenagers, but we know we can be healthy because of what we eat, how we exercise, and how we take care of our emotional wellness. Yes, there will be times when accidents or illness just happen and if that is what the Lord desires, then okay. But in the mean time we will live our life in the healthiest possible way and then if it comes to a screeching halt, we will have no regrets. This is possible. Not everyone needs a homestead but we do. We will show others that living well is possible by the food choices they make, the way they move their body and the way they take care of their emotional wellness. For us it will happen on our homestead where we are able to provide the food that we need for ourselves and the joy we receive from working the land.