e Jim and Rhenda

Hope, The Strong Little Word

What is it like to realize you are in your 60s.

Surely you were just a teenager then married and then with small children. But no. Those children are grown with children of their own. And you are in your 60s. But that is okay because you don’t feel like it.e Jim and RhendaJim and Rhenda Engagement Picture

There was in time when we were in our 50s that we did feel like it. We knew that we were getting old and there was nothing you could do about it. The diseases were a part of life and that was that. Once one of those diseases hit us we found out there IS something you can do about it. We are younger now in our 60s than we were in our 50s and maybe even our 40s. Lifestyle is the key. Oh no. Not that cliche word. The problem is, All of us have to get over that word because the lifestyle change is the key for us.

After working with a 90 year old who could stay up longer than us, we knew that changes could take place in our lives that cause aging to take a back seat to life. Of course there will be a time when we are old enough that it is time to pass on, but until then we will live our life happy, healthy and well.

Our goal is to live long and young and healthy. Correct food, exercise, stress reduction and proper rest are secrets to reaching this goal.

Give Hope

Within 3 minutes of meeting with a surgeon who had just done surgery on one of our loved ones the said, “It is the Western Diet. I see it in most of my surgeries.” We had already changed the way we were eating by then and were very glad that he validated our choice.

There is a strong connection between food and disease. But our body is resilient and able to heal when the wrong food is removed and replaced with healing food. It is not strange food or health food that we replace it with. It is real food that is not refined or commercially processed. It is colorful, vibrant without chemicals. It is grown in your own back yard giving you the power to change your genetics and your disease.

Rhenda was a registered nurse and worked with doctors for many years. They help patients with the best techniques they know, drugs. Most do not know how to fix. Most only know how to relieve and cover the symptoms. Some can do surgeries to repair and change making a good difference. But we as the patient have the power to heal by what we put into our mouth. (We are not condoning no surgery or to go against your doctor orders.)

This is not quackery.

Our bodies are made up of Proteins, Fats, Carbohydrates, Minerals, and Enzymes. We fuel our precious bodies by what goes into our mouth. When we have a nice car we do not put leaded gas in an unleaded tank. We even pay more for the higher grade. Our bodies are worth more than cheap food. Our bodies require the higher grade and by putting that in our tank we heal, and feel well and run right.

Disease is not a part of aging. It is caused by poor quality food going in the tank and just as poor gas and oil will wear a car out quicker so will poor food age us faster with many diseases.

We teach sustainable Living in Place.