Rhenda on the tire swing

Eat Real Food, Exercise, Be Emotionally Well, Grow your own Food, and Sustainably Live In Place.

Sustainable living in place and being healthy go hand in hand.

You need to have a plan that works to get you healthy and keep you that way as you age. You also need support and accountability

Heartiness Approach helps you to eat real food, exercise, be emotionally well and do it all by growing your own food in a homestead setting. Take control of your Food Supply.

Does the last half of your life really have to be so different from the first half of your life?

Do you get old because you are supposed too and let your bodies respond to that mindset?


Can you do something about it and take control of your life by the food you eat, the exercise you do,

          the emotional wellness you experience, and the way you grow your own food?

We first started Heartiness Approach September 2008. We believe in it. We live it. We are in our sixties. We are healthy. We take no medications. We have no diseases. We exercise. We eat REAL, unprocessed food. We work at keeping our emotions well. We grow as much of our own food as we can or buy local so we know the source.

Rhenda enjoying emotional wellness on a swing

This is what we live….this is what we teach others….

  • Eliminate Processed and Refined Food
  • Replace it with Real Food (Without pesticides and chemicals)
  • Grow your own Food, Vegetables, and Meat (Without pesticides and chemicals)
  • Hike, Play, Relax, Meditate, Pray
  • Exercise Daily
  • Build Friendships

No pills, no gimmicks, just good hard work and determination and a really good life.

  • We moved to the country and are renting our property.
  • We grow a large garden, raise layer chickens, meat chickens and turkeys.
  • We have found other local community members who raise what we are not, so we purchase food from them.
  • We purchase less and less from the grocery store.
  • We do all this for our health.
  • We do it because we love it. It is hard work and very satisfying.
  • We can help you learn how to do it also.
  • We would love to see other baby-boomers use the land to change their health.

As Jim says, “It all starts with the soil”. Click Here to get the Complete Organic Fertilizer Recipe we use.

It all begins with the soil and the chickens help at Heartiness Approach

It is Never too Late to Change

Whether you are the grandparent, the child, or the grandchild, changes can improve your life. The art of eating is serious business. The food we eat determines the health we experience and It does not matter if you already have disease or if you are genetically predisposed to illness. Changing the way you eat, exercise, handle stress, and grow your food will change your health for the better.

Heartiness Approach takes you on a journey to an improved life and everyone wants an improved life. When we  started this journey we lived in the suburbs and both worked jobs with long hours and stressful demands. Our life has evolved as we watch the people our age with serious health problems and knew that we did not want health problems.

What is your “Line In the Sand”?

We are a sixtyish couple on a limited budget, building a homestead and producing our own food while remaining physically and mentally healthy. This was not always the case, so, this is where we drew “Our Line In the Sand“. As the video tells you, when we realized the path we were on, we reversed our direction 180 degrees. Too many people have successful careers and very poor health. We wanted a better life. That was nine years ago. We normally do really well but sometimes we have faltered. When we eat something that is harmful to our bodies we know it immediately.

Jim is a certified Fitness Trainer and Rhenda is a newly retired RN. The saddest thing we saw was what our elderly population is forced to eat when they go to the hospitals, nursing homes, assisted living homes, and even high class Independent Living communities. We watch them get fatter and sicker from the day they go in. We continue to explore how to change that but we can change ourselves and we can help you change.

Real Food

Our lifestyle is Heartiness Approach and we live that lifestyle.

It includes:

  1. Eating Real Food, not processed or refined.
  2. Exercise that promotes muscle growth, cardiac function, and stretching for flexibility.
  3. Emotional Health which includes play, travel, relaxation, music, talking, listening, meditating.
  4. Homesteading which includes our own poultry for meat, eggs and our own garden to provide a full diet of vegetables and fruits.

Leave any one of these out of our life and we don’t have balance.

We know that the only way we can eat what we know we should is to have a place to grow our own but many farmers do not eat the food they raise because they have a mono-crop. This is the difference between farming and homesteading and we know why we homestead. Is the food you put in your body important to you? At Heartiness Approach food is the fuel that keeps our bodies well.

We invite you on the Heartiness Approach journey

Perhaps along the way we can inspire other baby boomers to realize it is not too late to start again and live their dream of being healthy and aging in place.

Our YouTube Channel, Heartiness Approach, shows 180 degree lifestyle change in 180 days and covers food, exercise, emotional wellness and how to start a homestead. We also cover the need to get out of debt and raise animals for sustainability. To follow us on our YouTube Channel click Here and subscribe and click the bell to receive notifications when a new video is uploaded.