Well again, Kindness, Years worth of food, March 15, 2022

Day 75 of 365 Blogs

A much better day. I was very careful in what I ate today. Thank you to everyone who make comments on the blog yesterday. I received a call from someone today inquiring if I was okay and wanting to know if she could help in any way. It does not matter who it was. What matters is that people are so kind and truly care. There is a lot of scary bad stuff right now so it feels wonderful when kindness takes place.

Picture of Rhenda
Rhenda in the hotel

Missy is actually in heat. Now the big question is, can the little Dexter, Ferdinand the Bull, reach her. We will bring Missy back to the farm on Friday or Saturday. If he was not successful, we will AI with the help of the vet syncing her hormones. Boy, have we learned a lot about animal husbandry?

Nutritional Education

Jim called me this morning and had me tell him how much protein we need for both of us for a year. Then how many vegetables we need and how much complex carbohydrates we need. Proteins were easy because we are to eat 15-20 grams of protein three every 4 hours. So, with snacks we are being conservative with 100 – 120 grams of protein a day. Now he is planning out the garden and orchard. We have 1 ¾ pigs (pork) in the freezer. Beef planned for the fall. More chickens coming next week. And we are going to subscribe to Wild Alaska for our fish. We are excited to grow our own foods and medicine.

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