Weed Control, Webinar, Lost a Chicken, March 23, 2022

Tonight, is my webinar regarding feeding the brain for better mood. I have found that eating is so important and being busy makes it so hard to eat correctly. We are so pleased to be on a small farm with the ability to grow our food. We have changed the way we are planning our gardens and making them filled with woodchips in the path if we can get enough and we believe we have a source to get enough. I was watching Richard Perkins from YouTube and he is an amazing gardener who was discussing the use of woodchips and compost in deep amounts to smother the weeds. We will be using row covers to suppress the insects and planting close to build a canopy to shade out weeds. We have a week of rain right now which makes the brown grass green. Our lower pasture is filling with water which it does each spring. We are getting to know our land well.

We let the calf be with his mama for 24 hours so he can be on pasture instead of in a corral for a while and we can live without the milk for a day. We lost a chicken 2 nights ago for the first time in a year. We can’t put the chickens away on Sunday nights because we leave at 4:30 and if you think it is hard to herd cats, try herding chickens they are hiding all over the property. Not sure if it was a fox or a racoon but it when right into the open door of their run and got our Orpington. Now they are locked up and we need to get netting and a charger to put them on pasture. We want to make some kind of a chickshaw perhaps and we are now talking of getting a dog, but we are not ready for that responsibility yet. We do not want an inside dog and we do not want a dog that barks continuously.

Nutritional Education

I took the picnic pork (ham) out of the brine today. It is wrapped in a clean dishtowel in the refrigerator until tomorrow. It is time to get the greens growing so we can eat them daily and enjoy the nourishing vitamins from their abundance.

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