Snow Day, Moving my home office, Making a guest room, Amino Acid Therapy, February 23, and 24

Day 55 & 56 of 365 Blogs

This was the day the pig just hangs in the cold but not freezing garage in two halves. If we hung it in the tac room it would have frozen. It was a snow day. We did not leave the house because we first had icy rain then snow. We kept our calf in the barn to melt the ice off his back. He has been bellowing loudly and he is quiet and happy in the barn.

snowy paicture on the farm
More snow days

I began moving my home office from the attic to the spare bedroom. It is a small room and we are starting to have company more often and have to clear furniture each time we have company. We went ahead and moved our recliners into our room and put the television above the bed so as we sit in our recliners, we can watch TV but when we go to bed, the TV is not visible. Then it seems like there is a separating from the TV room and the bedroom. Our bedroom is huge. We are going to make the attic room into the guest room. It is much larger and can fit a couple beds in there with room on the floor for sleeping children. We are excited to have a real guest room.

Nutritional Education

Our moods can be regulated by our food intake and amino acid therapy. It used to be a foreign idea but more and more psychologists, psychiatrists, therapists and rehab facilities are finding it is the missing piece. Ore on this another day.