Loneliness, Meals, A Potato trick for Diabetics, March 7, 2022

Day 67 of 365 Blogs
When Jim is not here there is good and bad. I scurried around the house after I did the chores and did laundry and cleaned. That is the good. But the bad is that the house is quiet and dark right now. My best friend is not here. The animals and I did fine today. Pretty sure the heifer we are taking care of has put on some weight already. She is still skittish but comes when I show her the food and is eating well.

brown cow
The co we are caring for

Our weather is cold today. We were only in the low 30s. I made ricotta cheese today from our extra milk. I decided I want to make some casseroles and put them in the freezer. I am going to make a healthy lasagna, chicken enchiladas, and pork tortilla soup. I am also making chili. All of them will be modified to have healthy ingredients.

Nutritional Education

I have a trick for all you diabetics or anyone who wants to lower their blood sugar. I have quoted from the book Eating on the Wild Side by Jo Robinson before. I just learned of an amazing trick. Potatoes are high on the glycemic index. But if you bake a potato and then chill it for 24 hours it goes to the low to moderately glycemic index. The problem with a potato (and I love potatoes) is that they digest quickly causing blood sugar to rise. But the cold temperatures cause the starch to become resistance and the starch breaks down much slower. Therefore, bake one day and reheat the next. Potato salad can be made with potatoes that have been cooked and chilled for 24 hours so they are lower in sugar. She stated that your blood sugar response could be reduced by 25%. She also stated that adding fat to potatoes causes slower digestion and vinegar on potatoes slows down digestion also. Therefore, a potato salad with cooked potatoes that have been chilled for 24 hours and then had some good mayo (fat) and a little vinegar suddenly becomes acceptable to the diabetic instead of a detriment.

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