Cows and Travel, March 12 and 13, 2022

Day 72 and 73 of 365 Blogs

We spent these last two days doing family things with a visiting family member. The days are a blur but I want to still write. Today we woke up to beautiful weather with sunshine and clear sky. I learned something hard this week. In the winter, cows can get lice. I did not know that. I guess it is natural to treat them in the winter. Well, our little guy started getting it so we are treating him. I tried to give him a shot but it was too difficult as big as he was and we both got hurt. So, Jim will get the topical liquid on Monday. Sunshine and warm temperatures make it disappear. Missy is still not in heat, so if she does not get in heat this week, we will bring her home and treat her also. Then we found out we can give her hormone treatments that will make her cycle. She is old (12 years) so we have to decide. Alas….

Jim was out of town last week and I am out of town this week. I went with my son on some of his trainings. He does customer service training and he is really good at it. But I will not have a lot of nutritional education this week. Sorry guys. Oh the daffodils are up all over or farm. These are in the cow’s pasture.

Flowers in the cow pasture
daffodils in the cow pasture

Nutritional Education

I will still be having my webinar on March 23d. If you or someone you love could benefit from learning more about how to improve your mood or reduce cravings, please register for the March 23rd Webinar to learn why and how to feed your brain so your mood and cravings can be optimal. Join me at 7 PM central time. Register at