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April 6, 2018 Newsletter

Heartiness Approach

April 6, 2018

The Promise of Spring

This bird house high rise is on the property we are going to purchase. We look forward to the time when birds come and go from this sweet home.

What a week this has been with the weather all over the United States and probably the world! Let’s face it, we are all at the mercy of the weather.

We can plant when the almanac says to plant, however the snow may laugh at us.

We can dig when we need to dig, but the frozen ground will sneer.

To be there when the baby animal is born is in our plan. However night after night we wait and this mama wonders why we sit on her straw floor. (Joy and Sadness came to Art and Bri this week as she slept in the barn.)

The Easter Egg hunt gets moved indoors because it will be hard to find eggs under 6 inches of snow.

It is warm. Wait it is cold. Why is it snowing? What a downpour of rain! I see the sun. It is gone again. Today there was sunshine and snow coming down at the same time.

The promise of spring is a glimmer of a promise. Perhaps this year we will go straight from winter to summer. Unless the weather machine has been taken over by an evil wizard, summer will come.

The promise of spring is only a hope at this point and I say that as I look outside and see the snow starting again.

We are allowing ourselves to believe this move will happen…..

The appraisal has happened at our new home. We are waiting for the report but were told everything went well and they do not see any problems. We wait.
The survey has been started. We wait.
All our paperwork is in. We wait.
We find joy in waiting because we are stronger because of it.
We wait.

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Homestead – A Place of Learning
Real Food Matters

Travel Food

We are traveling to Asheville, North Carolina this next week. 

We do not want to eat out at all. It is an 8 hour drive. We got some great ideas on our LIVE video this week. We researched on our own and come up with some good ones also.

If you have ideas, please share them to our email and we will share them next week.

  • Fruit leather ( make your own so you know what is in it)
  • Roan Sticks (Also found another brand I am buying at Amazon called  Mission Meats made from grass-fed beef, free range turkey, no MSG, No nitrates, No antibiotics.
  • Granola (homemade)
  • Trail mix (Homemade)
  • Popcorn (We just got an air popper again so we can have it without damaged oil)
  • Peanuts (Make sure there is not the wrong oils and they are not rancid)
  • Egg salad sandwiches 
  • Veggie tray 
  • Fruit salad layered in a jar
  • Deviled Eggs
  • Peanut butter or nut butter in celery sticks
  • Tortilla wraps for lunch or breakfast (Make your own wraps) 
  • Quinoa Salad with pumpkin seeds, peas, olive oil and avocado
  • Raw cashews and almonds
  • Layer a toss salad in a jar and take some cooked chicken breast and dressing along to go with it. Hardboiled eggs 
  • Grapes
  • Clementines
  • Beef and Sausage burgers (eat cold like cold meatloaf)
  • Apples – Cut into and corded with a slice of cheese inside.
  • One of our Favorites – Peanut Butter and Banana Sandwich
  • Tuna in a pouch or can on crackers
  • Cloud Bread made from egg whites. Great Bread alternative. See our video.

We bought a cool similar to a Yeti but much cheaper at Walmart. It works amazing. It works well with frozen milk jugs for ice. They do not leak and they are large enough to keep things very cold for days.

Make sure you have a good combination of salty, crunchy, fruit, vegetable and protein.

Take enough water for you and for your pet.

How to Learn about Elderberries

From what I read and hear from the “Internet”, Elderberries are almost magic. They sound too good to be true. There may be some exaggeration but I am sure that there is plenty of truth as well.

The mainstream medical descriptions about Elderberries are cautious. Good for them. We all do need to heed their warnings. Apparently, the evidence confirming the benefits of elderberries is strong enough to hold their attention.

The list of remedies attributed to Elderberries include:

  • Treating infections
  • Respiratory problems
  • Fever
  • Diaphoretic
  • Influenza virus
  • Bad cholesterol
  • Anti-aging
  • Boost immune system
  • and much more….

Use of Elderberries comes with many cautions:

  • Large quantities can cause nausea and vomiting
  • Pregnant women should avoid the use
  • Allergic reactions
  • Drug interactions
  • Be smart in your use

Elderberries are low-calorie, high antioxidant

  • High in vitamin C
  • High in dietary fiber
  • Good source of phenolic acid
  • Good source of flavonoids
  • Rich in anthocyanins

My initial fact search has intrigued me. The opinion of professionals who lack direct experience does not impress me. The exciting claims of those who sell elderberry products do not impress me. The overwhelming chorus of Elderberry users does not impress me. I look forward to growing, using, and learning for myself. Apparently, moving to the “Show Me” state fits me.

We used Elderberry syrup in conjunction with oregano to successfully combat cold and flu symptoms this winter. That impressed me enough to learn more and add some Elderberry trees to our orchard. This education will expand and be shared.

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