Rhenda with chicken

How Can We Afford to Feed Our Chickens Organic Feed

Jim and the TurkeysOne of our subscribers asked how we afforded organic chicken grain without soy or corn. Our immediate answer is how can we afford not to?
We started using Organic, non-GMO, non-soy feed while we lived in Oregon.

In Oregon we bought Scratch N Peck. Yes it is pricey, $35 for 40 pounds. But we only used that for fermenting. We would take a scoop a day (about 4 lbs) and put it in a bucket covered with water. We had three buckets fermenting at a time and would use the 3 day old bucket. We spread it on the ground in a line so the chickens would all have somewhere to peck and eat. They loved it. It make it go farther than if we just used it for dry feed. We never could have afforded that.

We used dry feed from a local mill called Union Point in Oregon. They make all their own feed and it was about $25 for 50 pounds.

In Missouri we used Peterson Feed and they replaced the soy for us with fish meal. One of our friends said he felt our pig meat tasted fishy but we did not find that at all. More and more places are trying to cater to the needs of the consumer.

In Nevada, IFA orders non-soy organic chicken feed but it is in pellets. We much prefer the whole or cracked grain.  That way it can be fermented, and it is much better for them. We like to add a small scoop of flax seed also.

We put garlic and Apple cider vinegar in their water in Missouri.

We agree that the feed is at least double the price of non-organic soy feed. However, Rhenda cannot have soy because of her thyroid. The Omega 3 is very important to have in our diet and eggs are one of the main ways we get it there.

Real food, for our animals or us is expensive. But, we are not on any medications and have no medical problems. That makes it all worth it.