Wood for Warmth, Water for Health, January 10, 2022

I got home from work today and Jim was sawing wood from the neighbor’s tree. It seems like a bowl of spaghetti to me. He cuts and cuts and it there is still a tree there. On the good side, the woodshed is getting filled so if we do ever get our woodstove installed this winter we will have wood. Jim came in and said, “It feels like I worked today. I need to do outside work more often”.  Everyone needs balance I and I know we talk about that a lot, but if you just work inside and never out than the outside suffers and so does the body because it needs the exercise.

Missie, our cow, is in a change right now, or should we say Brisket, her calf is in a change. When we separated them last night, Missie was pretty full of milk so Brisket is not nursing as much. He is eating a lot of grass and thinks he is a big boy. (He is a big boy.) But Missie will still not let down and this morning she was really holding onto the milk. We did finally get a gallon and that is plenty for us but she is capable of more and the pigs sure like her milk.

The pigs have 2/3 of their new paddock fully rooted up. Now we have to figure out their next paddock and that is a little tricky. It will be in the trees, but it requires some clearing. These pigs have been better rooters than the three we had before. This is our future strawberry patch so we are thrilled they are doing the work for us. Don’t worry, we will let it set long enough that the berries will be fine.

We are so happy for the turnaround in the weather here in January. It is cold but not frigid and it is sunny. Jim says every day that is sunny another blade of grass grows. Yep, we are farmers. We love it. Can’t think of better life.

Nutritional Information

Today I am addressing water. I had a client and she needed water in her life and when she put water in her life, a myriad of problems went away. I need water. I tell my client and my patients to drink water and I am lucky if I go get in 40 ounces a day. I do drink 2 glasses of milk a day and I have increased my water intake, but water is vital to our regularity, cells, skin tone and turgor, hair and moist mouth. I have been waking up in the night to a very dry mouth and then I lay there and worry that I am not drinking enough. The next day I try to do better.

Clear Glass of water
Refreshing Water

Really, that is all any of us can do. Try to do a little better today than yesterday. That is our challenge for the week. Drink water. Not tea, coffee, soda, juice, etc. Drink water. Put fruit in is if you want, but drink water. 64 ounces is the goal.