Super Fun Day, Mood Food, January 25, 2022

Oh, we have had such a fun day. We went for a country drive for about 6 hours. We ended up in Mountain Grove, Missouri where Peterson’s Feed is. We have used them before and they are the kindest people. They made up 250 pounds of organic pig feed for us, soy free, using fish meal. We get to finish our pigs are really good feed. We have used them 3 other times when we were here before and once right after we returned. I love small town people who try to make life better by providing good products.

Rhenda at the computer
Rhenda Writing her blog

I actually drove the entire day. Jim was the scribe as we mapped out our nutrition business. I think we finally have it now. I am always sad because we can’t cater to people who need us but cannot afford us. We have come up with a way to accommodate them and still make an income. That makes me so happy. Everyone wants to charge too much for their service whether they are a dentist, doctor, lawyer, consultant, therapist or whoever. I am valuable and my knowledge is valuable but I want everyone to be able to afford it. More to come on this.

Faith and the hens are still doing well together. Watch tomorrow’s video to find out the latest. The pigs are happy and safe in their new and improved pig pen where they cannot escape. Brisket needs to be weaned. He is too big. Also see in tomorrow’s video another reason he needs weaned.

We made the eggs rolls tonight together with a whole bunch of fresh vegetables and they were delicious.

Nutritional Information

In this world of COVID and stress, job loss, job stress, children in school but not, life is anything but calm. Are you familiar with the work Hangry. It is when you are so hungry that you cannot control your anger. We see children reach this point often if they are tired or hungry. This simple example points out that what we put in our body has a profound affect on our mood. Here is a list of foods that can contribute to poor mood such as anger, anxiety, irritability and depression. Then there is a of food that when eaten help your mood to improve. Jim and I noticed that we are much happier lately for many reasons, but we have cut out a lot of the bad mood foods.

“This is the law of malnutrition. When your food quality or quantity deteriorates, your mood is the first casualty, even before your physical health begins to deteriorate”. Julia Ross Quote

Bad Mood Foods

Number 1


Number 2

Refined white flour

Number 3 For some people, Gluten

Wheat and its cousin’s rye, oats, and barley

Not everyone is affected by these however Gluten can not only sedate us, it can produce agitated moods.

Experiment and see if stopping them makes a difference in fatigue

Number 4 – Fats

These fats increased the rates of depression, cancer and heart disease since they were introduced.

Vegetable oils, margarine


canola oil

Safflower oil

Sunflower oil,

peanut oil

 sesame oil,

wheat germ oil

cottonseed oil

walnut oil

soybean oil

Rancid foods

Number 5 – Soy

Adversely affects the brain and digestion

Soybean oil,

Soy products

Number 6 – Actions

Skipping meals

Low-calorie dieting

Low-fat food

Low-protein food

Prepackaged diet foods

Number 7 Chemicals




Chemical additives

Artificial flavors


Number 8 Allergy foods

Wheat, Cow’s milk, soy, nightshade family, chocolate, corn, peanuts, eggs

Good Mood Foods

Number 1- Protein









Cottage Cheese 

Raw milk


Number 2 – Fats

Omega 3 Fats

Olive oil

Coconut oil



Number 3 – Vegetables

Non-Starchy Vegetables

Number 4 – Good Carbs

Starchy Vegetables




Good Mood Rules

Eat 20-30 grams of protein at every meal (about the size of your palm)

Eat a rainbow of colors – eat 4-5 cups of vegetables a day. 

Eat three good meals a day 

Eat real food snacks if you are hungry

Skipping meals destroys your mood

Eat breakfast

Only take supplements until your food intake is stable every day and is providing your vitamins and minerals you need.