A day of service, January 27, 2022

We started the day normal but then it took on a life of its own. I got called to go help someone who needed help with his wife because she could not get out of bed. I was there over an hour and checked back on them three times. Our calf decided he does not want to nurse on Missie, our cow, to help her let down anymore but she does not want to let down. Maybe he is weaning himself at the same time we will be getting a new calf. Our pigs got out again. No one got hurt this time. We starting clearing the brush from around the perimeter fence line on the bottom pasture. We cleared 85 feet with 2500 feet to go. No problem.

Picture of Rhenda
The green behind me reminds me that summer will come.

Tonight, we got lead the addiction recovery group that we are the coordinators for. What an amazing experience this is. So, it is now just after 9 PM and I have a promise to keep to myself that I will write a blog everyday for 365 days. 

Nutritional Information

One of the people in group tonight asked me to explain a little about how nutrition can help addiction. They did not have to ask me twice. One thing about most people who have an addiction, breakfast is generally skipped and they eat lousy by their own admission. After explaining why the brain is so depleted with addiction and poor eating habits, they were challenged to eat protein the size of their palm every four hours along with a complex carbohydrate. That is the place I have everyone start. Eat protein every four hours. Yep, I know you have heard me say that a few times. This protein will make amino acids that the body and brain need for a stable mood. Anger, hunger, depression, stress, anxiety and many other emotions will cause the addicted person to crave and use. This is true of alcohol, drugs, pornography, sugar, soda or processed food. That is why feeding the brain is so important.

Food is medicine bottle
The best medicine is food

Short one tonight. Thank you for following my blog and making comments.