We are Rhenda and Jim Wilson.
Watch this video about us.

We hope you enjoyed our video to see and hear our story. We share our information with others because we know that our change in health can be mirrored by you. We know that age related diseases can be altered by changing your lifestyle. We know that eliminating processed food and replacing it with nutrient dense food can heal your body. We know that your daily exercise can regenerate your muscles and bones. We know that emotional wellness is vital to keep our bodies healthy.

Rhenda in blue shirt at the oceanI am Rhenda. I am a newly retired registered nurse with years of experience working with the senior population. I am the mother of seven and grandmother of 14. I love life. I love hiking. I love travel. I love cooking real food. I love Jim. I love teaching others. I love sharing the possibility of living a long healthy life. 

 I am Jim, the guy who gets to be married to Rhenda. Retiring has let me pursue my passions. Homesteading is one and fitness is another, both combined with my lifelong passion for sharing whatever gift I have with anyone who will listen. My goal to live to be 120 means I have to sustainably live in place for a lot longer.  Join in and discover how to live healthier longer.

With Heartiness Approach we teach you how to live without illness and offer hope.

What you can expect from us?

  • Every week, on our Heartiness Approach website, we publish at least one new blog about sustainably living in place through food and fitness.
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  • We put out a new video Monday, Tuesday Wednesday and Friday. On Thursdays at 5 PM Central time we are live for 30 minutes on our YouTube Channel.
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