Eating is a Choice with Consequences...Good or Bad

plateoffood2Continually recommitting to eat right happens each time I run out the door without food and stop by a place to eat with the premise that I can find something healthy on their menu.  The fact is, unless you go to a "Farm to Fork" restaurant and pay the prices they charge, or go to a good grocery store and read the labels well, you will not find healthy food to eat on the fly. 
Eating nutritious food requires due-diligence. It requires planning, growing, harvesting, storing and eating the correct foods. It requires knowing what is in your food and your definition of healthy will seldom be someone else's definition of healthy. 
One thing I know. If I see something that someone is eating or putting in their shopping cart and wish I could have it, I look at their body. Not always, but the majority of the time, they have a belly I don't want, or fat proportions I don't want. Does that mean I go around judging how others look? Sometimes. But only to keep myself on track. I don't have diabetes, or heart disease, or auto-immune disease. I don't take anti-acids. I don't take medications. I would like to keep it that way and improve my health daily. I know that by putting sugar, hydrogenated fats and oils and pesticides from fruits and vegetables in my body, I too will be in the doctor's office regularly. 
Eating is a choice with consequences. Food is our body's fuel. Exercise is how our muscles and bones are maintained once we put the right fuel in. Our digestive system is the way we get our nutrients to keep our bodies growing. Eating cheap food, food on the fly and food that is readily available as you drive by a window will not provide our bodies with the long-term health and vitality they require. 

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