Fuel Rules

plate of food470Break your fast shortly after waking. You have been fasting from food all night and the glycogen stores have been keeping you going. Now is the time to replenish those stores. Eat a good breakfast and just like all the other times when you eat, include 4 basic items. Fuel should always be equal parts of a good protein and a good carbohydrate. Add a non-starchy vegetable and cook in good fats.  (The use of glycogen is a short-term solution. Once depleted, the body searches for another source of energy. The body uses amino acids from muscle protein to make glucose, thus breaking down the muscles. This is called gluconeogenesis when glucose is made from a non-carbohydrate source.)

Breakfast is the beginning of your fuel for the day and you will replenish fuel every 2-3 hours. The fuel in-between the meals are smaller but still equal. We like to call them 4-pak-snaks. Again, the snack should be equal parts of a good protein and a good carbohydrate. Add a vegetable and when possible add a good fat in the form of nuts, avocado, etc.
We need to eat foods that our bodies are made from. Eating real food is a Fuel Rule.

Fuel rule # 1 = When you eat something eat four things, Good protein and carbohydrates with a non-starchy vegetable and a good fat.
Fuel rule # 2 – Never skip a meal
Fuel rule # 3 – Eliminate Refined Foods
Fuel rule # 4 - Eat Real Food
Fuel rule # 5 – Drink water daily

Eating is necessary and can be fun. We often get bogged down with meals because it sometimes appears that we get cleaned up from one meal and it is time to prepare another. Use a menu planner whenever possible. There is no rule that states meals have to all be hot with prepared courses. Lunch can be strips of a good white cheese, with a pile of good tuna, a handful of nuts, carrots sticks or cucumber slices and half a slice of sprouted bread and butter. This covers all the areas you need to eat. It is simple and makes it easy to know you are getting a variety. Eat in seasons. When there are berries, add berries. When there are tomatoes, add tomatoes. You get the idea. Eat a variety of food to get a variety of vitamins and minerals. 

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