You are what you ate, but it's not too late



Discover how to live life with vigor through proper diet, exercise, emotional wellness, and nutrient dense grown food.


Heartiness Approach is a lifestyle change to reduce the risk of Insulin Resistance, Metabolic Syndrome, Type II Diabetes, and Heart disease. The change includes how to shop, how to eat, proper exercise, managing stress, getting a good night sleep and caring for yourselves mentally and emotionally. 


Heartiness Approach involves being different, not normal. Step away from the Standard American Diet (S.A.D.) and refined and processed foods. Step away from a sedentary life and from ever increased stress and embrace heartiness.






  1. Eat real, unrefined, unprocessed food.

  2. Eliminate sugar and other stimulants

  3. Eat a balance of good protein, carbohydrates, non-starchy vegetable and a good fat whenever you eat any food.

  4. Eat small frequent meals

  5. Drink water. Eliminate soda, sugar drinks, low fat milk and other empty calorie drinks

  6. Exercise is not an option. You can exercise more than you think you can. Your muscles and bones and blood sugar levels depend on it.

  7. Manage stress. This is done in different ways by each person but it must be addressed because excess stress makes unbalanced hormones and insulin resistance.

  8. Do not eat any diet foods, sugar substitutes,or hydrogenated foods.

  9. Learn which fats to cook with and which fats to avoid that can cause free radicals in the body causing disease.

  10. Get 7 to 8 house of sleep each night.

  11. Learn to grown in nutrient-dense soil or medium to get the vitamins and minerals your body needs from food.

  12. Use supplements only when needed. Understand the supplements you are taking.

  13. Hormones must be in balance.

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