Side Dish Staples

It is important to have the correct food on hand so that you reach for good food and not poor non-nutrient food.

Along with most meals there is a protein, a vegetable and a side dish, such as potatoes, rice, beans, or many other items.

The desire of Heartiness Approach is that you have nutritious food prepared ahead of time to use.

Use your rice cooker and cook brown rice in chicken broth. This takes a long time, so put it on and forget it. Always rinse your rinse thoroughly prior to cooking it. Feel free to add different herbs for taste and nutritional value.

Rinse quinoa thoroughly prior to cooking. It has a bitter taste if you do not. I also often cook quinoa in a broth. When you have quinoa made up ahead of time you can use it with a Carb-busting breakfast with eggs and vegetables. You can use it as a side dish because you have it on hand and ready to warm up. 

Cook a pot of beans each week(use different varieties  to use in homemade burritos, tacos, enchiladas, and as a side dish topped with cheese.

Barley and Lentils can also be made up and ready to fit in any recipe. 

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