Eggs, Fats and Cholesterol

Thursday, August 19, 2010

When the doctor wanted to put my husband on a Cholesterol lower medication. I refused to allow it because the side-effects are so bad with those medications. He talked the doctor into letting us change our diet before he put him on the medication. After three months of eating eggs nearly every day, increasing the correct fats and eliminating hydrogenated fats from our diet and eliminating processed foods from our diet, his cholesterol went down a small amount but not enough for the doctor. He took another blood test six months after than. His cholesterol had reduced significantly and the doctor said Jim did not need to go on the medication. So how does eating fat and eggs reduce cholesterol? Why eliminate processed foods? The reality is that this life style change (diet) goes against the US dietary guidelines but has been proven by many patients including Jim and I. (My cholesterol lowered also.) 

Dietary cholesterol is essential for our bodies. Butter, meat, and eggs are types of fat we should eat on a daily basis. Fats are required for cells, hormones and the brain to function properly. I refer you to a book called, The Schwarzbein Principle, The Truth About Losing weight, Being Healthy and Feeling Younger by Diana Schwarzbein, MD. She is a Specialist in Endocrinology. We have used much of her information and followed most of her advice. 
She and many others tell that it is eating "damaged" fats not eggs that cause the high Cholesterol the doctors want to lower. It is eating too many carbohydrates. It is caused by heating fats damages them, changing them from good natural fats to damaged fats that damage the cells, clog the arteries and increase metabolic aging. Damaged fats are Trans-fatty acids, Oxidized fats and Hydrogenated fats and oils. 
It took a long time but in the last twenty years trans-fatty acids have become accepted as bad for the body and most food are processed stating that they do not contain trans fats. One thing to remember..."A food can be labeled 'trans fat-free' if it has 0.49 grams or less of trans fats per serving. So if you eat four processed foods each day, even though they may be labeled 'trans fat-free,' you may still be eating as much as 2 grams of trans fat, enough to do real damage over time." (Lustig, R. The Fat Chance Cookbook. page 39)
Polyunsaturated oils should be used very sparingly and only on salads, but NEVER heated.
Poppyseed oil
Safflower oil
Sesame oil
Sunflower oil
Walnut oil
Polyunsaturated oils are very high in Omega 6 and that causes inflammation when our ratio of Omega 6 to Omega 1 have far too many Omega 6. Notice that I do not have corn oil, cottonseed oil, soybean oil and canola oil on the list because they are mainly found as GMOs and then your body is ingesting pesticides and other harmful particles.  

Oxidation is caused when fats turn rancid from "air exposure". Oxidized fats are free radicals. All fats should be refrigerated to prevent oxidation.

Hydrogenated Fats are the bad culprit and are in most every label you read. This is when liquid oils are turned into fats. Example: Margarine and shortening. This is also starting to be recognized as a bad ingredient in food sources, but the food industry has a long way to go.

-Do not eat man-made  fats
-Saturated and monounsaturated fats are more resident to heat but all should be used on low heat. I only used real butter and olive oil and I cook mainly with coconut oil. 
-Never deep fat fry foods
-Cook fatty meat slowly

You can eat eggs everyday. This dietary Cholesterol does not increase your blood cholesterol. 
The following is a direct quote from The Schwarzbein Principle II, " Cholesterol from foods reacts very differently in the body than the cholesterol created in your body does. It is the cholesterol that is created from excessive carbohydrate intake that is damaging to your body and can increase your risk of heart disease. In addition, whole eggs are a good source of essential fatty acids, and a complete source of protein and contain almost every vitamin and mineral."

PS. Jim lost 40 lbs and I lost 20 in 2008 and have kept it off. 

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