Find Joy

Find Joy

Rhenda has published a new children's book that is available at Amazon as a print book and as a Kindle book.

This is story about three grandchildren visiting grandma who takes them for an adventure looking for a child named Joy. Follow the children as they have a joyful day.

The print version sells for $13.99 and the Kindle version sells for $2.99.

Click on the image to open a link to the Amazon page for this delightful book.

Voices From My Heart

Cover from Amazon

Voices From My Heart is now available at Amazon both in book form and in Kindle form.

Buy my book Voices From My Heart through Amazon at (click here) Amazon Book and Kindle versions


Cost of the book is $15

Growing older brings continual changes such as health concerns, safety at home, aging in place, moving, adjusting, loss and grief. Voices From My Heart is a series of essays about tender moments with seniors validating what they are going through and offering suggestions and solutions for concerns that they face. Emotion accompanies every decision and event that happens in our lives. I have shared my words with many of my patients, watched them relax and then begin to heal emotionally if not physically. Continuing to find joy, growing where you are planted, reaching out to others, smiling through the losses, finding new purposes, and living with purpose to the end are all talked about in this book. Because I cannot look every senior in the eye, and sit by the side of each one and hold their hand, it is my hope that this book will touch the lives of many more than I will ever see face to face. 

Scheduled Book Readings and Signings
December 12, Monday at 2:30 PM at The Oaks of Lebanon, 621-W Oak St in Lebanon, Oregon  
December 20, Tuesday at 2:30 PM at Heritage Plaza 1560 Davidson Street SE, Albany, OR
January 17, Bonaventure  of Albany - 420 Geri Street Albany, OR 97321
January 26,  Stoneybrook Lodge - 4700 SW Hollyhock Circle, Corvallis OR
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Voices From My Heart Author Bio

Rhenda WilsonAuthor Rhenda Wilson loves being with her seasoned citizen friends. While these friends say that she brings light and joy into their lives, she insists that they inspire her while in their presence and whenever she thinks of them.  She has used this inspiration to craft a reading and discussion experience that comforts and gives hope. Rhenda’s several years of working as a Registered Nurse in assisted living, skilled nursing, home health and independent living gave her personal and intimate contact with countless seasoned citizens. Her sincere “caring” and contagious love captivated many hearts, even some who were long-curmudgeoned by life’s torments.       

In Voices From My Heart you will:

  • Hear stories that could easily be you
  • Learn that others face your same challenges and that you have friends who care
  • Cry with joy
  • Laugh with amusement
  • Decide to make the most of your life and help others do the same

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