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Heartiness Approach leads you on a path away from                                          Metabolic Syndrome....


Purpose - To encourage a better way to eat, exercise, play, sleep and live. path2

Food is a joy in life. The reality is that food is the center of our relaxation, entertainment, business, and life. The more we eat, drink and share with our friends, family and colleagues the more we connect.

Big business is built around food because that is where the money is spent. Today we have more #diabetes, heart disease and obesity, Alzheimer’s disease, the GERD than ever before. We pop a pill and pillsgo on with our lifestyle.

These diseases were not as prevalent thirty years ago. Yes we have food that is "supersized" and yes our portions are larger at restaurants, but do we really eat that much more than we used too. heart with steth

Think about it. We can blame a lot of causes. Is it a lack of self control?  Many people may lack self control but babies and children are obese and have diabetes. They are not at fault. Forty year old people are in the emergency rooms with heart attacks.

There must be something more. There is! The type of food we eat now is the big problem. The ingredients in the food we eat now cause the illness.


Heartiness Approach is taking on #MetabolicSyndrome. What is it, you ask?


 “The metabolic syndrome is a cluster of the most dangerous heart attack risk factors: diabetes and pre-diabetes, abdominal obesity, changes in cholesterol and high blood pressure.  For a person to be defined as having the metabolic syndrome, the new definition requires they have central obesity (Belly Fat), plus two of the following four additional factors: raised triglycerides (TG), reduced HDL-cholesterol, raised blood pressure or raised fasting plasma glucose level.”            International Diabetes Federation (IDF)

IDF recommends that primary management for the metabolic syndrome is healthy #lifestyle promotion.

This includes:

  • moderate calorie restriction (to achieve a 5–10 per cent loss of body weight in the first year)
  • moderate increase in physical activity
  • change in dietary composition

The American Heart Association, The World Health Organization and many others join the International Diabetic Federation in stating that these illness could diminish with healthy #lifestyle changes.


Heartiness Approach is not a magic pill, not a handful of supplements and we don’t have all the answers (no one does), but we have enough to help you turn your health around.

Our bodies are very resilient and can suffer abuse for many years, even decades before they show symptoms and then disease. BUT, they are just as resilient in recovery, healing and repair.

You are not balancetoo old. You can turn it around.

Much of the abuse can be forgiven by our bodies when we change our lifestyle.

This is not just a cute saying that we try to do and then throw up our hands and move on to something else.

#Lifestyle change is a true medical, emotional, physical, nutritional change that must take place if you want the reward of future years with healthy living.

What we put in our body really does matter. Food is the fuel for our cells giving us our ability to move, to think, to walk, to grow, and to live.

There are products that we have been eating for years that are wrong for our body.

With the food revolution, some of the fraudulent practices of promoting poor food, methods of preparation and growing methods, have been exposed and changes are slowly being made. Food grown spaghettionaforkin overworked soil in mono-crops, with GMO seeds and showered with insecticides is the food that is available to us in cans, boxes, frozen food and fresh food. Animals living in over-crowded non-natural habitat have been brought to the attention of the world. New words like Natural, Enriched, Fortified and Organic have surfaced and some have meaning while others are just a marketing ploy.


Numberless diets have us eat high protein, high carbohydrates, gluten free, wheat free, meat free, vegetable free, saturated fats, polyunsaturated fats, good fats, bad fats, partially-hydrogenated fats, Trans-fat, oils, fructose, sugar substitutes, soy, high cholesterol, low cholesterol, cleansing, juices, counting points, counting calories, and labels, labels, labels.

healthy foods

Our objective is healthiness. If losing weight is your only objective, you will just gain it back when you return to your former habits.  We offer you this challenge to find a way to make Heartiness Approach a part of your life even though it may mean large changes in your own current lifestyle. This is a great journey.




# Jim 2016-08-16 15:04
Everyone who improves eating habits, exercises more, and reduces their stress will benefit. Unfortunately, most people believe that as we age we have to get sicker. Most people do get sicker but people who eat right, exercise, and de-stress tend to live healthier longer lives. On the other hand, people who have poor eating habits, avoid exercise, and remain stressed experience health problems at early ages and live shorter lives. I intend to live my life as an experiment of my beliefs that a healthy lifestyle prevents age related disease and prolongs life. My age goal? 120 years!
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# BHW 2017-04-25 22:48
Howdy! I could have sworn I've been to this site before but after browsing through some of the post I realized it's new
to me. Anyways, I'm definitely glad I found it and I'll be
book-marking and checking back often!
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# James & Rhenda Wilso 2017-05-09 20:51
Thank you for the kind words. If you like this article you might like our Youtube channel. Look up Heartiness Approach on Youtube and you will find us. We have been VLOGging for 70 straight days.
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# cla safflower oil 2017-05-09 17:34
Good read
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# Jim & Rhenda Wilson 2017-05-09 20:53
Glad you liked it. If you like this and like videos we have a VLOG on Youtube where we have been VLOGGING for 70 days straight. Good info and you can get to know us. Search for Heartiness Approach at youtube.
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