Springtime in Oregon

Springtime…The windows are open and it is quiet and still outside except for a few bird sounds. In the distance I can hear the cars begin to drive by taking their passengers to work. The chickens were let out and are enjoying ranging all over the homestead. The garden has been watered and we had a fine healthy breakfast that included fresh greens from our garden.

The first bed of our garden looks like this on April 30, 2016.garden160430 Not bad for this time of year. We are eating fresh salad daily from our garden. We have four tomato plants planted with many more to come. We have four varieties of squash planted thus far.

This year we planted potato towers. Dirt, potato seeds around the edge, dirt, potato seeds, dirt, potato seeds dirt potato seeds, dirt with dill planted in the top. Straw is placed all around the outside as you go up. We have potato leaves beginning to grow out the side of the straw just as they are suppose to. Exciting….potatoesgrowing5potatotowers

Ever since we lived in California when we were first married I have wanted to make my own ketchup. I had a recipe way back then that was thick and looked so good. When we changed our diet and did away with processed food eight years ago, we gave up using ketchup because of the preservatives, and sugar content. This weekend I finally made some. I did not have the original recipe but found another one. (I did not have fresh tomatoes so I used Hunts diced tomatoes. They are the only brand not chemically processed without added junk.) A cheese cloth filled with garlic, whole allspice, whole cloves, peppercorn, and cinnamon sticks is sitting inside the tomato, onion and pepper mixture as it simmers and reduces. Well, here are the results. Now the first time we took some over to our kids to use it at the cookout their dog got to it first and he thoroughly enjoyed it so we did not. But Wendy and I had tasted it first and we look forward to actually eating it at the next shindig. I made 20 bottles and it is dog-approved.Ketchup


Then there are our chickens. We love them. They are Delawares. 


We got them as newborns on Feb 4th and they will begin laying about the first of June. They are a larger breed than others and extremely friendly. They are   imprinted to us so follow us around. One of our girls turned out to be a Roo so we will see about having a brooder and raising our own chicks but I am still not sure about that. With a dozen chicks we will get about 60 eggs a week. We eat a lot of eggs, but we will still have plenty to share and sell.

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