Winter 2015

The precipitation is breaking records this year. I expected to be hampered by the winter rain but what is happening now is a huge surprise.  Most of my time has been used to study for a certification test but when the weather has been good and I needed a study break I have been able to spend time working on projects to prepare our small scale farm.

farmPlan01 1We have a plan to create about 1000 square feet of raised bed space with other non-raised space for plants which spread out. Not really large but it fits the area we have and will push our budget. We also plan to have a few bee hives included.raised beds The garden will be surrounded by a chicken run, actually two chicken runs. The north east corner of the garden area will be a double chicken coup with runs extending from the north side and the west side. The runs will form a double, covered fence around the garden. Such a fence will prevent deer and rabbits from getting to the garden. The bee hives will sit in the far north end of the garden. The garden will contain six sets of raised beds which are 4' X 20'. Some and maybe all the beds will have covers for season extension. I am even thinking about using a rocket mass stove to provide heat during colder nights and days so we can have greens all year long.

Thus far I have acquired enough lumber to make one pair of beds. I still need to complete leveling the frame and fill the beds with top soil.

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