Know Your Chicken

This website is written by us, a couple, who raise their own chicken from baby chicks on pasture and processes them. So from day-old-chick to the freezer, we know where our chickens have been, what they have been fed, sat with them, laughed with them and stressed with them. Therefore, I laughed right out loud when I was searching for the right recipe to slow cook my bird. The first line prior to the recipe said, "Makes great, spicy, juicy chicken with little work. Get a chicken with a pop-up timer if you can."  I could just see my birds running around with a timer button on their breast. At what time in the growing process, do these buttons appear? Are they a bump, then a nub, then stick out a little?
Seriously, folks. Know where your food is coming from, what it has eaten and where it has lived. Make sure there are no antibiotics or hormones added. Pure, homegrown chicken is not as succulent and tender as the store-bought because they are not injected with extras to make them so. Hence, the reason I was getting a slow-cooker recipe. I can also tell you that if you come to our homestead and search the entire flock, you will not find any with a pop-up timer. 
volk disposable turkey pop up thermometer in action

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