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100 1129We are hikers. We have hiked rim to rim in the Grand Canyon, but usually we just hike 3-5 miles with a camelback of water on our back and a camera in our hands. Our dog is always there unless it is a National Forest trail.


The second Friday, Saturday or Sunday of each month everyone over 50 needs to hike. Take a friend, Take a camera, When you return go to Heartiness Approach Facebook group and upload pictures and tell about your experiences.


Hiking allows one to see nature up close, to enjoy the journey, 


to reach a goal, to relax away from the hassle of the world. Hiking with a partner is very important for safety and conversation. Always take water and a snack even if it is just a few miles. We find that hiking poles take the pressure off your knees on the downhill and they help you climb up 


the steeper parts of the trail. They can collapse to be small and short when you do not need them. We started with $10 ones which we used for many years. We now use $100 poles which are very light weight, but use what you have.


Take time to sit down and admire a section of the trail. Slow down and enjoy the moments of the hike. We are not runners. We are hikers. We are excited to share this hobby with many other seniors. Grab a partner and get going. 


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