Why Exercise???

Exercise is about losing inches. Exercise is about health. Exercise builds muscle. Exercise [burns fat while creating] muscle. Metabolism improves because of exercise. 

Exercise improves insulin sensitivity, meaning the newly built muscle gives a place for sugar to go from the bloodstream. This lowers the insulin levels. More muscle lowers blood sugar. 

Your bathroom scale will not show the difference between fat and muscle. Therefore, do not get discouraged when you stand on the scale to weigh. 

Exercise directly activates your sympathetic nervous system. Exercise clears away those old mitochondria of the cell, allowing for clean, efficient use of energy by muscles. This improves muscle insulin sensitivity, which is key to improving your general metabolic health. 

Exercise reduces internal stress. Cortisol is a hormone that raises the blood sugar and blood pressure immediately when you exercise and then the blood sugar and blood pressure comes down quickly and stays down the entire day.

Exercise reduces stress levels and releases endorphins to make you feel better all day.

Exercise increases the speed of your liver's Krebs cycle and makes it burn energy cleaner. This determines how much energy will be converted to liver fat.

Don't expect exercise to be the end all. Weight loss requires eating the correct food to provide the correct nutrients to run your amazing body.

Consistent exercise is the single best way for people to improve their health.

(Fat Chance by Robert H Lustig, M.D. pg 139-149.)

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