Love it, hate it, or don't care, exercise remains as a highly recommended health practice. The less one exercises the harder starting to exercise becomes. Too many people act like they can't start an exercise program until they are fit. The best time to start is always NOW. Unfortunately, if one waits long enough to start exercising the ability to do so may evaporate due to lost physical mobility which could include premature death.
The basic Heartiness Approach  exercise guidelines include:
  • Never exercise in a manner that hurts
  • Exercise consistently (exercise type, duration, frequency, intensity)
  • Use an exercise program that you enjoy
  • Progress your exercise program (intensity, duration, frequency) until you reach a point beyond which you can no longer progress without hurting yourself
  • Include both cardiovascular and load training
Jim exercise and foodSpecific exercise programming depends on physical condition and personal goals. The program we demonstrate and use for our weekly sessions involves enough cardio exercise to warm up and improve heart rate response. The exercise instruction also uses a load training program intended to increase bone density and muscle mass. Improved heart rate with increased bone density and muscle mass helps overcome many age related diseases while improving strength and balance. Looking for the "Fountain of Youth"? Proper exercise programming coupled with nutrient dense eating is the closest one can come to discovering the fountain of youth. We have selected our program for our personal effort to meet our goal of healthy, active living through age 120.   

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