Conquering Stress Before It Conquers You

Stress is most likely the biggest catalyst I have for weight gain, nausea, illness, and eating concerns.

It seems that no matter how much I talk to myself, there are times when I feel myself slip and can almost physically watch it happen. I know when I am at a low point, the emotional stress becomes physical. Why is that? I cannot make my mind respond when I say, "Snap out of this".

I am a happy person. I am known for my smile, my caring for others, my compassion and empathy. I love to put others first and I love to interact with them. Caring for the needs of others is the driving force in my life. Others tell me that "the caring" sometimes hurts me because I care too much. How do you treat someone, "Christ-like" too much?

Emotional health preempts diet, activity, and sleep.

It trumps any other activity I am doing no matter how much I use "self-talk" to help me stay in control.

Writing is perhaps the best thing I can do.

Talking is great therapy for me, but when I am talking to someone andthey don't really want to hear what I am saying, then I come away empty and unfulfilled, feeling less important with additional emotions.

I have conquered the diet concerns regarding what and how to eat. I sleep well most of the time. But I can't turn my head or heart off.

Conquering emotional stress in a positive way is perhaps the most important objective I have in my personal life.

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