Harvesting Neighbors

marketToday we went grocery shopping. We needed ground beef and it is important for us to know the source of our food. We went to Carol of Sweet Home Chestnut Farm. She raises her own grassfed cows so we knew we could trust the source. We had met Carol at the Sweet Home Farmer's Market during the summer and she had told us we could come to her home and buy meat once the market closed. Today we finally got there. What a treat it was! We met her huge horses, saw her beautiful view and home. We talked and talked. Country neighbors are the best harvest of any season. Today we are in the middle of a hard winter for Oregon and we stood outside in the chill and talked about life in such an enjoyable way. When we lived on our homestead in Beryl, Utah we harvested bucketfuls of friends. It did not matter if they were 20 miles away; if they were in the valley, they were neighbors. We found ourselves in their yard, or they in ours to purchase or give food; to share a potluck meal; to converse. It is the best kind of friends. I had forgotten how special that time was until today. Country folk who grow, and live on the land are neighbors because they share a bond. Thank you Carol for reminding me of that. We look forward to many more moments of harvesting neighbors. 

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