to to see some of the topics to be covered in the next 180 Days in our 180 Degree Lifestyle Change


We are Jim and Rhenda Wilson and this is our story.


We are a Sixtyish couple on a limited budget, living on a homestead and producing our own food while remaining physically and mentally healthy.


This was not always the case. Here is where we drew "Our Line In the Sand" 



As the video tells you, when we realized the path we were on, we reversed our direction 180 degrees.


We knew too many people who had successful careers and very poor health. We wanted a better life.


That was nearly 9 years ago. We eat really well yet sometimes we falter. We can tell immediately when we eat something that is harmful to our bodies.


No matter where you are and who you are, you can begin again. Join us.


I am an Registered Nurse and the saddest thing I see is what our elderly population are forced to eat when they go to the hospital, nursing homes, assisted living homes and even high class Independent Living communities. We watch them get fatter and sicker from the day they come in. We are still figuring out how to change that but we can change ourselves and we can help you change.


We invite you on our journey and perhaps along the way we can inspire other baby boomers and to realize that starting again and living their dream is not too late.


While trying to start a business during the last year, we have incurred some debt. Why do we share that personal information? We want you to know you do not have to have money, land, and everything going for you to make this journey. 


We have several goals. 


We want to be debt free.


We are committed to eating healthy and taking care of our bodies and minds.


Every business we have explored has returned our thoughts and desires to our Heartiness Approach principles which includes eating REAL food, producing our own food (Homesteading), exercising for health and fitness, and maintaining our emotional wellness. 


We believe that our lifestyle can also be a source of our business because the solution for our situation is desperately needed by multitudes of other people our age. We believe that most of the common illnesses such as diabetes, metabolic syndrome and dementia, can be avoided and eliminated through improved lifestyle choices. 

We live on land in west central Oregon bordering the South Santiam River. We are renting our land and home long term and use about 2 acres of the 40 acres we are sitting on. We have a dozen Delaware Layers, 22 Rhode Island Reds which just starting giving us their golden eggs. We also raised Freedom Rangers for meat chickens, processing 66 of them for sale and our own food.


Because we live near the river, we have river rocks in our land and must use the broadfork to loosen the soil and remove the rocks by hand. It is a long process.


Last year we only had two 4 foot by 40 foot beds. This year we are preparing five 30 inch by 60 feet rows, plus an 8 foot by 60 foot section for squash, cucumbers and melons. We will also have a covered area for our nightshades.


Proper food and an active lifestyle and residing where we can provide for ourselves, gives us the opportunity to share our information and knowledge along with our success stories and learning curves.

Our four areas of emphasis are: 

  1. Nutritional Science & Real Food Preparation and Application
  2. Proper Exercise and Fitness
  3. Homesteading to include Egg and Meat Chickens and Nutrient-Dense Gardening
  4. Stress Management for Emotional Wellness.

The contents of these four areas create a balanced, sustainable even regenerative, lifestyle.

Our website Heartiness Approach is an online-magazine full of information to back up our choices, help teach proper application of nutrition, exercises to follow, homestead progress, and stress reduction ideas. 


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Walk With Us

Heartiness Approach leads you on a path away from                                          Metabolic Syndrome....


Purpose - To encourage a better way to eat, exercise, play, sleep and live. path2

Food is a joy in life. The reality is that food is the center of our relaxation, entertainment, business, and life. The more we eat, drink and share with our friends, family and colleagues the more we connect.

Big business is built around food because that is where the money is spent. Today we have more #diabetes, heart disease and obesity, Alzheimer’s disease, the GERD than ever before. We pop a pill and pillsgo on with our lifestyle.

These diseases were not as prevalent thirty years ago. Yes we have food that is "supersized" and yes our portions are larger at restaurants, but do we really eat that much more than we used too. heart with steth

Think about it. We can blame a lot of causes. Is it a lack of self control?  Many people may lack self control but babies and children are obese and have diabetes. They are not at fault. Forty year old people are in the emergency rooms with heart attacks.

There must be something more. There is! The type of food we eat now is the big problem. The ingredients in the food we eat now cause the illness.


Heartiness Approach is taking on #MetabolicSyndrome. What is it, you ask?

Step On Our Path To Heartiness

Walking the path to heartiness moves you to a sound body, through proper diet, exercise, emotional wellness, and nutrient dense grown food. Heartiness Approach works with people of all ages because if a child could eat right from birth, they have a much greater chance of living a long healthy, well, life. We also choose to put an emphasis on working with those over 50 because we are over 50, in fact we are over 60. No matter your age, you can decrease and prevent the illnesses that come because of lifestyle choices. It is not too late to make a difference in your life. Heartiness Approach is a lifestyle change to reduce the risk of Metabolic Syndrome, Type II Diabetes, and Heart disease, Osteoporosis, GERD, Alzheimer's Disease and many other illnesses. It also can drastically reduce childhood obesity, asthma, and childhood rashes too name a few. 

These are not age-acquired diseases. You are not destined to get them just because of getting old. These are lifestyle-acquired. Even if you are genetically predisposed to a particular disease, your lifestyle choices can help that disease pass you by. While the rest of your family has high blood pressure, or diabetes, or heart disease, you can change the way you live, eat, sleep, exercise, stress and enjoy life, and bypass those lifestyle-induced illnesses. You will have fun with this lifestyle.

The change includes how to shop, eat, move your body, manage your stress, sleep well and care for ourselves mentally and emotionally. A large part of Heartiness Approach is to realize the necessity of eating food that is grown in a nutrient dense medium in order to receive the necessary vitamins and minerals the body requires. For this reason we demonstrate how to grow your food, how to raise your own eggs and how to raise your own pasture raised chicken meat. 

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